Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Yummy, yummy, in my tummy!

My beautiful baby received a teapot and mini cake plate for Christmas which, of course, my older girl is infatuated with! To wean her away from using up all the batteries in the house, I decided to finally get round to making her a girlie tea party set.

I must admit that I've been holding off posting pictures as I have got a bit obsessive about these gorgeous little things and kept wanting to wait until I had just finished one more, no- one more, no- darn it!

So, here is the selection I've been working on since last week, all yummy and pretty healthy too. Now, this weeks selection will be indulgent and as greedy as I can make it! I plan to have finished the feast for next week and am looking forward to setting it all out "Teddy Bear's Picnic" style for next week

All these patterns-except the teabag- came from "Tasty Crochet" by Rose Langlitz. They really were simple to follow with virtually no errors so far. Rose also has a wonderful blog at tastycrochet.blogspot.com which is worth looking at.

My little teabag was very easy to knock up. Here is the pattern

Hook size 3 using white cotton

Make 2
1- Ch 11
2- Skip first loop and SC to the end, turn
3- Ch 1, skip first loop and crochet to the end, turn
4- Repeat row 3 for five rows (or until square shaped)
5- Fasten off and weave ends toward the centre of one of the sides to make to string.
6- Cut piece of beige felt slightly smaller than squares and pop in between the 2 squares.
7- SC around the edges, 2 SC in each corner and join with slip stitch.

8- Cut small rectangle of felt and stitch "T" and edge around half the rectangle.
9- Fold rectangle in half, running string through the centre and stitch closed.
10- Tie a knot under tea tab to finish.

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  1. How wonderful! I can remember everything my mother ever made me. I did so because I knew she was busy and made the extra effort just for me. This will surely be the same for the girls. Very nice.