Sunday, 29 May 2011

Baby Box number 1

Baby Box number 1 is out! OK, it ended up in a gift bag because I couldn't find a nice box in Bexleyheath the other week. Although someone else had put together a basket of goodies using a cotton-lined wicker storage basket which looked great which I think I will do next time.

I'm really happy with what I made. I did add a lovely broach from Past Times for Mummy and a bought toy for the baby, just in case it was all a bit too crafty for the new Mummy. I whipped up a quick card using bits and bobs from my stash and found some cute pieces from a previous baby card which was a nice quick solution for a change! Well, that's one box down. Time to work on the next baby due in August I think...

Tuesday, 24 May 2011


How do you like my dinky booties? I had a real "Elves and the Shoemaker" moment looking at these all lined up. It did actually feel like being the wizened old shoemaker as I bent over the table, trying to get these done quickly for the first Baby Shower this weekend.

I really shouldn't rush though. The first pair took about an hour and I was struck by how simple and successful the pattern was. The second pair came with me to a local crochet group (my first time) but, with all the chit-chat, I ended up having to unpick and redo parts twice. The last pair at the table was going so well until I realised that the green cuff around the top was too big and I had to rework that too.

Never mind. I think I will leave going to crochet groups for a bit- at least until I have a straight-forward pattern like a wrap or blanket that I can do without thinking.

PS- It's been a while since I've had a comment. I so look forward to them so please say Hi!

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Let's work on our sewing skills...

I've been working on my first bib recently which came out pretty well. I am not the most patient person, so patterns, cutting, pinning and prep work is still a chore that I have to force myself to take my time on. It always strikes me as ironic that sewing projects tend to be all prep work with a tiny fraction spent actually using my sewing machine!
But I did myself proud and got sore fingers from pinning the bias tape around the edge (can you buy extra fine pins for this?) I used contrasting green thread which was a mistake as you can see every little wobble. I finally cut the last thread and found out that, oops, the tape hadn't held on the neck edge.

Darn it, grr, argg.

I ended up having to carefully unpick the lot, which left nasty marks in the tape, which meant I had to unstitch each piece and rework with a tape that matched the thread. I tried again with the same stitch very carefully going closer to the edge but it did the same again!
See what I mean- nasty gap there. I finally reworked just the neck using the "V" stitch which disguised the mistake and looks pretty good. The coffee cup seems to suggest that this task took just long enough to finish my cuppa. No. It's a second cup much later after some hot-headed growling and shoving-back-into-box-never-to-look-upon-again time. I am pleased with it. I just hope that the next one will be much quicker. Now that I know what colours to use, I'll get started!

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Oh Baby,Baby

If you are pregnant and in my family, look away now.

No, really.

You will have to check this out after Bump arrives.

Sorry about that but I'm dying to post what I've been up to for my baby boxes and I can't wait any longer! With three ladies expecting, I seem to be working hard but not ending up with much for each baby (Boy, I'm glad I started early this time.)

I started out with these two lovely chunkie Snuggle shawls. Blue for a Boy and Yellow for a who-knows-what! None for lovely lady number three as she has her own fair share of blankets. I've made this pattern before using Sirdar snuggly wool which makes a finer, soft little shawl. These are chunky but still soft and very warm- I can't wait to see them wrapping up those little pink babies...

Next on the list were baby Berry Hats. I've made a few of these as well for my girls and they have been so admired that I had to make them for the boxes. I loved using these beautiful cashmerino wools, the colours are so gorgeous!

I'm now working on the matching booties but I must post now as if I wait any longer, I will just keep on adding. Bye for now!

2 chunky blankets, 1 bib, 3 hats and 1 pair of booties

Just a quicky...

Oops, almost forgot to put this little lady up! My little girl has started flicking through my crochet books whilst I'm working and making requests. Some are on the backburner- "for Birthday/Christmas darling"- but this one I started in our caravan and finished last week.
She sat waving, waiting for Madame to come back from school and wasn't she a nice surprise! The excitement lasted about two minutes before requests came for more.....sigh.

Potty about Pots- Part 2!

Oh what a saga these pots have been! They were supposed to be for my Dad's 60th birthday in July last year... A tad late I know.

I had booked into three separate day courses to make, trim and glaze the special gift (as my parents have been collecting stoneware for as long as I can remember). The first day went swimmingly with three beautiful pots made. The second day a month later was cancelled and the third day, a month after that, I had to pull out of. Thankfully, the lovely Jane from Sidcup Adults College rang to say she would happily find a spare work surface during one of her weekly courses and show me how to glaze the pots. So after holidays, illnesses and trying to find childcare...I got back into the studio today!

I spent a relaxing hour dipping my pots into the glaze (which is ground up glass) and cleaned off the bottoms and edges so that they wouldn't stick in the kiln. Jane will try to get them fired before next week but they may have to wait until the next set of JUNE.

So Dad, you may be getting your pot in time for your 61st but don't hold your breath!