Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Granny Bunting at Attic24!

I LOVE attic24 blog page!  I have few blogs that I discovered without pilfering from my sister's finds and this one is completely up my street!  This lovely lady has my taste in colour and design and she is a generous sharer of designs and ideas which she in turn has borrowed from others!  I wanted to share her page with my sisters as a find of my own- this didn't work, of course sister J has her already!!  Sister L will love her too as she the Granny Square queen, I'll explain....
Lucy from Attic24 has designed a fab Granny- Triangle to use for bunting.  Aren't they beautiful? 
She has posted a free pattern and photo tutorial and has asked if anyone wants to make triangles for Yarndale which is a craft festival being held on the Yorkshire Dales on the 28th-29th September (I wish it were nearer).  She is making these into a huge bunting with a deadline of end of July (ish).  I am definately going to make some as a thankyou for some of the inspiration she has given me already- Who fancies chipping in? 
 By the way here are some of her ideas that got me crocheting again after a mini draught!
Her beautiful Granny's flower cushion was just what I was looking for as a cushion project!  I've worked up all the squares now- and used a cushion to check  rough sizing.  She has a stunning tutorial for a flower petal cushion too that I want to make.
Her cute little dk cotton circles were perfect for the hair clips I was making for my school fete!
  These are going to be in "The Lucky Clip Dip". Children can plunge a hand in to pull out two random clips!
Batch One is in dk cotton and batch Two is currently being made from my wool scrap bag.  I hate to use a cliche- but it's a serious great stash busting scrap buster!  Hannah, of course, chose pink girly ones...
Thank you Lucy- You are a rainbow of colour on this dreary day!

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Happy Belated Easter!

Easter is officially turning into a middle-aged woman’s dream!  I’m sorry but it’s true!  Everything cute and lovely is being marketed in pastel shades and displayed in gorgeous Easter windows to temp my poor, weak willed mind.  A walk in John Lewis at Easter time causes hubbie to groan and find somewhere to take the girls for a few minutes (normally giving in and buying them a little treat along the way.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of those crazy buyers who leaves weighed down with precious parcels and a whopping overdraft.  I am a browser and pilfer many little ideas on the way.  This time, I did shock my husband by actually BUYING a few bits and, desperate for a bit of Easter weather, made my own little corner of sunshine.  I fell in love with the felt baskets for my girl’s Easter hunt and thankfully, they let me “borrow” to pop some of their eggs and bunnies into.  I bought a little box of trinkets as well but my favourite were the paper egg shades!  I must admit, that they were actually meant for someone else but…..I just couldn’t give them up!  I followed a friend’s example of taking blossoming twigs from the garden and had the girls decorate a vase each.  Now, with a plan for a few felt creations, I will quickly amass my own Easter box and fill it with trinkets and some of my lovely sisters crochet cuties (the bunny is MINE and not for my girls- honest).
I have come to the conclusion that Easter is now the new Christmas.  With the sunshine, colours, flowers and desire to be outside, crafty folk are all having a fresh kick of creative impulses and now have another event to lavish their time on.  So, happy belated Easter everyone and may your Easter box be full of gorgeous things!