Saturday, 20 August 2011


And now, the end is near...
These bibs have been the bane off my life! I now loath bias tape for the puckering and coming away from edges and general stop, rip seam and start over that these tiny things have needed for me to finish.
This picture shows the front and back of the second bib made for my other Sister-in-law as she is now over-due. The velcro on the neck isn't brilliant so I now need to learn how to button-hole I think.

The final bib (and I mean FINAL) I can't put up as it is for another important bundle. Thankfully, it is the best of the bunch. I avoided velcro and stitched on a lovely button and used embroidery thread for a loop on the other side- it should work well if the lady actually puts it on the little darling!

Thursday, 18 August 2011

How to make an Ipod Bag

  1. I have snatched a few minutes in between making lunches, nap-time and 100 other little jobs to type out this pattern. Let me know if you use it!
    (PS- sorry about neon colours as my daughter chose them!)

    Small ball of DK wool main colour
    Small ball of contrast colour
    2.50m/ 3mm hook (I stitch quite loose and need small hook)
    darning needle

    SC= single crochet
    Ch= chain


  2. Ch 3.

  3. SC in second ch and in next stitch, Ch 1.

  4. SC in 2 stitches, Ch 1.

  5. Repeat until narrow rectangle is the length of Ipod base.

  6. Do extra SC in last stitch (as a corner), Don't turn.

  7. SC around the edge, putting 2 SC in each corner.

  8. SC in last corner, Don't join.

  9. Now work in a spiral using SC (no 2SC in corners)

  10. When bag is the desired height go to edge and continue around for approx 14 SC, Ch 1, turn and do 4 SC back.

  11. Repeat Ch 1 and 4 SC along to build up the strap. Fasten off at desired length.

  12. Join strap using whipstitch.

  13. Join contrasting wool at bottom corner of the strap, Ch 1 and SC around the strap and bag.

  14. Repeat at other corner.

  15. Fasten off and weave in loose ends.

  16. Now add your own embellishments!

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Bad Blogger does catch-up.

I'm so sorry to be away so long but it's been crazy being back at work and dealing with two tear-aways! H is now cruising around the furniture and getting the bumps to prove it whilst K wants to be a rock star/ princess/ kung fu master and so on. I have been making lots of little, quick projects but haven't managed to post for ages. So here's a quick catch up for now.

I've been so engrossed in baby gift-making that I needed a break (especially as the bibs have been a nightmare- it's the bias tape around the neck that won't go). First was this little Ipod bag for my cool kid. Excuse the neon colours but she chose, not me! This is my second own design I will try to post pattern soon if anyone's interested but it really is just a spiral sleeve with a messenger-style strap to hold it close to the body.Next was my own lovely iphone cover! I LOVE this pattern. It's really quick and easy and so effective. After a recent trip to the seaside I found that sand had got into my case, scratching up the sides of my first nice gadget.

This pattern is from I'm always buying lovely fabric to use ffor other people. Now I can use the left-overs for my own stash of funky phone cases.

Last for now are these two squares for the SIBOL challenges- I hope I get these posted in time...

Enjoy the holidays and I will get some more posts done sooooon!