Thursday, 18 August 2011

How to make an Ipod Bag

  1. I have snatched a few minutes in between making lunches, nap-time and 100 other little jobs to type out this pattern. Let me know if you use it!
    (PS- sorry about neon colours as my daughter chose them!)

    Small ball of DK wool main colour
    Small ball of contrast colour
    2.50m/ 3mm hook (I stitch quite loose and need small hook)
    darning needle

    SC= single crochet
    Ch= chain


  2. Ch 3.

  3. SC in second ch and in next stitch, Ch 1.

  4. SC in 2 stitches, Ch 1.

  5. Repeat until narrow rectangle is the length of Ipod base.

  6. Do extra SC in last stitch (as a corner), Don't turn.

  7. SC around the edge, putting 2 SC in each corner.

  8. SC in last corner, Don't join.

  9. Now work in a spiral using SC (no 2SC in corners)

  10. When bag is the desired height go to edge and continue around for approx 14 SC, Ch 1, turn and do 4 SC back.

  11. Repeat Ch 1 and 4 SC along to build up the strap. Fasten off at desired length.

  12. Join strap using whipstitch.

  13. Join contrasting wool at bottom corner of the strap, Ch 1 and SC around the strap and bag.

  14. Repeat at other corner.

  15. Fasten off and weave in loose ends.

  16. Now add your own embellishments!


  1. Wow - is this your first pattern? I hope you remember to add it to Ravelry!