Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Week 8 Decoration- Felty chains again!

I've finished!! I know it's Wednesday but I couldn't post it uncompleted when I was almost there. I LOVE it and it was sooooo worth the effort. I must say, I'm a dab hand at blanket stitch now. You kind of have to after almost 2 weeks of work.
I loved stitching each chain by hand although I would consider using my sewing machine for a quicker gift one next time. I might come back to this another day...

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Week 7 Decoration- Felty Chains!

Wow! It's Thursday already and I'm late, late, late darn it! I only started this project on Saturday and was holding off until Tuesday evening to get a bit more done when my laptop decided to develop a glitch. No Internet for 2 days was surprisingly stressful which is very sad really. I didn't realise just how much I pop on to check up little things. My iphone is even worse as I constantly have to answer those pointless questions that pop up every day.
Like: Who's the voice behind Sally from "Nightmare before Christmas?" (It's Maureen O'Hara who was the stepmother in Beetlejuice who did the possessed crazy dance at dinner!) Oh, and Danny Elfman -who seems to write music for everything- wrote the score for the film and
sang the part of Jack Skeleton... You see, pointless really.
Back to the project now. This felty paper chain was an idea I found on
I've been eying it up for a while and decided to make it a two-week project. My husband looked at all the strips I cut ready and promptly declared that it would take me forever. But, as usual, just by doing a little bit each night the chain is growing nicely. I think sometimes people see these projects as too much hard work, but all crafters know that spending your time doing something you love where you end up with something to treasure is so worth the effort and time.
I'm loving it so far, especially using contrasting colours for the blanket stitch. It means my blanket stitch is really improving as wonky stitches look a little naff. I'm not aiming to decorate an entire room but make a length to go along the top of my dresser. I can't wait to see how it will look next week!

Friday, 4 March 2011

Am I stock-piling too much??

I've just looked back at my Blog to date and realised how much I have made since January! This is a GOOD thing except that I seem to be stock-piling. Under my bed is a growing number of boxes gradually being filled with gifts for the future- it's becoming an obsession.

You see, I'm going back to work in June and I know that time will be pretty much filled with everything else. So my boxes are my way of getting my crafty projects ready for when they are needed.

1- Christmas box

2- Birthday box

3- Baby box (there are 3 due in my extended family this year....sigh)

This was enough but now I'm adding a fourth! Katie's birthday in the Summer term always seems to sneak up on me. Frantic buying and baking always leave me flustered and, as Katie wants a few friends from school this time, I thought I would start making bits for pretty party bags. I know I will never have the time later in the year and I want these gifts to be unique, valued (and cheap- I plan to make the bags as well!)

So, number one for the bag is:
I like to stick to the "rule" of children's age= how many children to invite. So, there are six sweet cupcakes- Five for her guests and one for herself as she has been eying these up for a week now! I wonder which one she will pick?
This pattern is available on Ravelry free from Hannah Kaminsky