Friday, 4 March 2011

Am I stock-piling too much??

I've just looked back at my Blog to date and realised how much I have made since January! This is a GOOD thing except that I seem to be stock-piling. Under my bed is a growing number of boxes gradually being filled with gifts for the future- it's becoming an obsession.

You see, I'm going back to work in June and I know that time will be pretty much filled with everything else. So my boxes are my way of getting my crafty projects ready for when they are needed.

1- Christmas box

2- Birthday box

3- Baby box (there are 3 due in my extended family this year....sigh)

This was enough but now I'm adding a fourth! Katie's birthday in the Summer term always seems to sneak up on me. Frantic buying and baking always leave me flustered and, as Katie wants a few friends from school this time, I thought I would start making bits for pretty party bags. I know I will never have the time later in the year and I want these gifts to be unique, valued (and cheap- I plan to make the bags as well!)

So, number one for the bag is:
I like to stick to the "rule" of children's age= how many children to invite. So, there are six sweet cupcakes- Five for her guests and one for herself as she has been eying these up for a week now! I wonder which one she will pick?
This pattern is available on Ravelry free from Hannah Kaminsky


  1. oh I wish I was like you. My piles is of uncompleted crafts and ready to use supplies. I love the cupcakes!

  2. I've just been checking over Hannah's free patterns myself as I'm due to be teaching a 6 week crochet course at my new craft group. Your cupcakes look delicious - I bet Katie chooses the pink one with the white flower on.

    By the way, only people with a Ravelry account will be able to see the page you linked too... most of us crocheters have one, but for any who don't a link to the original pattern may be appriecated -

  3. making things for party bags is a lovely idea.