Tuesday, 31 July 2012

To party or not to party??

That little Minx!  I had a fantastic "Charlie and the Chocolate birthday party planned for my little ones 6th birthday and she changed her mind just when I had gathered together party supplies and designed the invites!  This is what happens when they talk to other children- apparently, some of her gal pals thought that it would be "Too boyish" which, of course, put her off.  She then couldn't make up her mind and, over the next week she switched back and forth between ideas.
It's a shame as the games were going to be mega!  Oh well, we live but to serve, and managed to settle on a small family gathering, cake and a girls night out just the two of us at the movies.  I had a bit of fun designing a simple cake and trying out an icing bag with very basic success.  I put most of the issues down to the natural food colouring I used.  It seemed a good idea at the time but, the pale colours meant that i needed loads to achieve a sludgy colour which, in turn, thinned the butter cream too much.  She loved it though which is all that mattered and I've not been put off trying again another time.

Home improvements- Cath Kidston style!

I haven't been lazy this month- honest!  There's been lots of little jobs to finish and I'm getting into the whole mending thing (there always seems to be something that needs a tweak and a stitch).  Now thatt the holidays are here I've been able to attack some of those jobs that have been on the to-do list for a while.  I planned to jazz up my girl's curtains using my left over bunting fabric and was looking online for applique techniques but actually found a very simple technique in the Cath Kidston "Sew" book that I've been meaning to start since Christmas when I recieved it.  Don't they look fab!  I think I've morphed into Calamity Jane...I remember watching the "Never underestimate a woman's touch" song when I was little and thinking that putting ribbons on a chair was so far over the edge of taste that it was cringe-worthy.  Oh dear, how I have fallen.  I've chintzed up a perfectly simple set of curtains with the girliest fabrics around (Hate them, if you dare!)

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Sew, a needle pulling thread!

Greetings from the Von Trapp sisters!  This was a June project that had to wait until I could pin both girls down long enough to take a picture of them!  Don't they look like the fabulous curtain outfits made by Maria as play clothes?  Now that's what I call "Thrifty" (and bordering on the realms of cruelty to children)
These cute little headscarves were to allow crazy running around without losing their head covers- something which "accidently" seems to happen a lot with big sister.  But, oops, the triangles aren't deep enough for the point to be tucked into the tied up scarf so instead we get that comical blindness as the tail flips over the face as they run around.  
This is just a variation of my pretty bunting.  
1-Hem a triangle around the two diagonal edges.
2-Fold bias tape over the straight edge leaving long enough tales.  
3-Stitch straight across bias tape to make the ties and Bob's your uncle!