Thursday, 26 November 2015

Mummycat Crafts!

It's been over a year since I last blogged and yet I have been so crafty this year that my modest stash of wool and supplies are starting to be hidden under beds and in drawers. "This huge bag of wool new? No, I've had it for ages/ was given it/ found it in the loft." 
So why no blogging? Well, this year I have been trying to work without patterns and have been working hard to design and make my own patterns. I did not appreciate how long this process could be! It definitely takes lots of concentration- not always easy with a part time job and two growing girls. I even strained my eyes trying to work under a reading lamp at night...
I was pottering around nicely with my notebook of scribbles thinking that maybe, this year, I would design and make some little items for a Christmas stall.  No rush, plenty of time, I'll just spend a couple of days to draw, design.
All of a sudden, it's October darn it!
Well, I've worked my socks off to make some lovely items that should sell at a bazaar.  I will let you know if I sell anything and will work toward my own facebook business page.  So, for the first time, introducing....
  Mummycat Crafts