Thursday, 31 July 2014

Lovely little luxury

 I have often wondered why people bother to crochet facecloths.  Yes, they look lovely in the shops daintily tied around a handmade soap using a lavender stalk or whatnot, but why spend that much on natural cotton to crochet a square?  But birthdays were coming and I had some cotton so I thought I would have a little play. 
Oh, now I get it!  Stitching with cotton is such a pleasant feeling and just using one colour really shows off the definition of each stitch.  These worked up quickly whilst sitting at one of Hannah's little friend's birthday parties.  I must admit that I didn't dare use one for ages as I was worried that the cotton would stretch/stain/ fuzz up with use.  But they really are wonderful to use, wash beautifully and stay in shape.  Both my girls now have one as well with requests for new colours soon!  So here is my very simple pattern- there are so many out, I know- I hope my sisters also use and love theirs.

You will need: Natural Cotton (Rowan)
                     Size 4mm hook
                     Darning needle

Abbreviations: DC- Double crochet
                     Ch- Chain
  1. Ch 34.  DC in 3rd chain from hook, DC in each stitch to the end.  Turn.
  2. Ch 1, DC in first stitch, (Ch 1, skip 1, DC) repeat to the end of the row with a DC in last stitch. Turn.
  3. (Ch 1skip 1, DC in next stitch) repeat to the end of the row with a DC in last stitch. Turn.
  4. Repeat row 3 until you have a square. Turn.
  5. Ch 1, DC in each stitch for the final row.
  6. Add a DC in the corner and DC all around the edge, putting 2DC in each corner.  This will stop the fabric from stretching.
  7. Weave in ends.

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Taking a (mini) break

I have been taking more time these last few months to relax and have time off from all the crazy work and it has really helped me hold together.  I wanted to share some snap shots on a mini break from last month as it was during term time (shock) and I managed to get enough done to walk a way for a bit!  Holiday time has started now with a flurry of meals, days out and family visits scheduled in.  I don't think we have a free couple of days to chill out in...Does anyone one else find that the holidays become overbooked before they begin.  5 weeks just isn't enough time!
The teeny tiny shepherd's hut (Daddy took the girls after school and I went down the following day)

 Holding hands with my eldest along the estuary.

 I did not take photos of each time we stopped to stroke a passing dog as we got into double figures...
  Another hand hold moment with my blue-eyed baby.

 I love taking photos of my husband taking photos!

 Coffee shop and crochet heaven.  The start of a new summer wrap for when the evenings have a little chill.  It was started and finished that weekend.  I will write up the pattern soon.

 Ok, this just made me laugh so I had to add these shots.  One mean Mummy= one drink + two straws!  I love the turn taking as they work out the best way to drink this.  I love the "kiss" shot especially!

 And now to collapse from the heat on the tiny bed.  The girls have yanked Daddy to the play park again.  In one day we had managed to visit the park about 6 times and, boy, was it a scorcher.  I am now chilling after a tiny snooze with my crochet on my lap *sigh*
 We had fish and chips in the evening and played boules on the bumpy soil drinking pear cider.  I hope you all take some time for yourselves in the over-scheduled holidays this year! x