Sunday, 1 July 2012

Sew, a needle pulling thread!

Greetings from the Von Trapp sisters!  This was a June project that had to wait until I could pin both girls down long enough to take a picture of them!  Don't they look like the fabulous curtain outfits made by Maria as play clothes?  Now that's what I call "Thrifty" (and bordering on the realms of cruelty to children)
These cute little headscarves were to allow crazy running around without losing their head covers- something which "accidently" seems to happen a lot with big sister.  But, oops, the triangles aren't deep enough for the point to be tucked into the tied up scarf so instead we get that comical blindness as the tail flips over the face as they run around.  
This is just a variation of my pretty bunting.  
1-Hem a triangle around the two diagonal edges.
2-Fold bias tape over the straight edge leaving long enough tales.  
3-Stitch straight across bias tape to make the ties and Bob's your uncle!


  1. What a gorgous pair they make, so cute! Love their matching headscarves :-)

  2. Those are so sweet! Your girls are getting so big! And more beautiful every day :-)