Saturday, 30 June 2012

Birthday DS covers

It's birthday time in our family with a huge amount of special days coming up.  2 little girls in the family are finally getting their very own DS so I've whipped up a couple of DS cases in matching colours so that the two girls can have matching gifts- They've even got the the same game to play on, which is going to give them another chance for a natter on the phone I suppose... 
Why do we put our own age restrictions on things we are not too keen on?  After years of her asking and being answered with "not until you're 6", I swear she seemed to lose interest.  Until, that is, a couple of moonths ago when she calmly announced a list of things which she expected on this birthday.  It turrns out that the "Not until..." line had been used for a whole variety of wants that we tried to hold her off from and now she is waiting for the big pay out !
So, it's "Yes" to a DS (second hand)
"No" to Disneyland (until number 2 is bigger)
and "Maybe" for the ballet lessons (I didn't realise that there were waiting lists for these things?!)
Anyway, back to these cases.  This design is by my sister Jess.  Well, she doesn't class it as a design as it is so simple.  But simple is what we all want in a design, especially when it looks so good and does the job well. 
So, using single crochet, make a rectangle long enough to double over + flap allowance and slightly under the width allowing for the edging.  Single crochet all around whilst joining the edges cuts the job down by half and makes the cover look really seamless.  I did add a tiny front pocket for a single cased game for the busy girl on the move.  I toyed with the idea of adding a strap but as we have a car bag- and that's primarily where it will live- I left well enough alone. 

And now for a brief moan about velcro...Stick on velcro seemed like such a good idea.    Ok, the thread HATED the glue and ended up breaking and knotting causing many holes to my delicate pinkies.  I changed over to non-stick for ds case number 2 which was much easier but as I only had black velcro it doesn't look as nice.  I'm  sure they will love it anyway! 

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  1. Myf absolutely LOVES her DS case-it's so pretty and I really love the yarn you used :-) I would never have thought the velcro was a problem, it look so neat and professional!
    Myf has a box to keep her DS and games in and her DS lives in it's lovely case even when in the box :-)