Sunday, 10 June 2012

Why is there never enough time?!

 I have finally fallen into the category of "Pulling out a favourite pattern" brigade.  Gone are the days when each patterns was new and devoured at great speed, now my time is filled with the ever increasing babies and the gifts that need to be made.  So, again, out come my "Tasty Crochet" book and another picnic pack is created.  Although, I must say that each time, the idea gets tweaked a little and improved. 
As I have two nephews approaching their first birthday I decided that a lunch box for them to tote around with their play lunch would be just the thing!  I loved the mental image of them squeezing the soft toys as babies and growing to play picnics and then using their little bags at playgroups (so grown up!)  Several adults did not seem to get the gift- My husband's side see my crafty gifts as a bit hmmmmm- but hey, it was made for a tot and I know tots LOVE play food!
 Don't you just love the lunch box? A fiver from matalan which was a bargain.  I made a sweet little napkin/ table cloth out of the gorgeous fabric from my recent swaps and it all wrapped up a treat.

And now for a thrifty tip....
In my attempts to Make do and mend I finally had a go at saving some of those beautiful candle holders that I could not bear to throw away.  The rational in keeping these was to clean them out and fill with new candles, sweets or treats and cellophane up with ribbons for a easy Christmas gift (I'm thinking of end of year Teacher gifts...) 
VERY important- Heating in the microwave is a BAD idea!  It seemed so practical but I forgot all about the metal wick holder which immediately started to spark and crackle.  Thankfully I was standing by and pulled them out before the thing exploded.
So, placed in boiling water for 2-3 minutes to loosen the edges and they popped out like removing a jelly from it's mould.  A bit of a wash in soapy water and don't they look lovely!


  1. There is an even easier way to get the unused wax out - stick the whole thing in the freezer overnight. Next morning lever out the frozen wax with a knife (usually comes out all in one piece) and give the glass holder a quick clean in the sink the next time you do the washing up :-)

    Love your picnic sets - what lucky nephews you have :-) Yes there really is never enough time... I'd best go crochet something :-)

  2. Loving the new look :-)

    I think the picnic packs really so make fabulous gifts for kids. Myf is currently rediscovering her love of playing kitchens and I've been roped into coming up with some crochet food of my success so far but it is fun!

    The candle holder plan sounds lovely too :-)

  3. Hey - I've just noticed that baby Emily has made it into your profile photo - lovely pic :-)