Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Hero day costumes!

Here are my Hero Day costumes from February.  Yes it's a tad late going on but, when you have a husband with a bit of a camera obsession, it takes a while to find the pictures!  Especially since he rarely remembers to upload or edit the dodgy ones...You know the ones, the pics where he think you look fine but your eyes are closed, you look like you've got a double chin and you really should have put make-up on that morning.
Mother Teresa took forever but looks great!  I attacked my local charity shops for cheap fabric and both costumes ended costing  less than £10.  My costume involve a bed sheet cut in two pieces for a skirt and head scarf, and a blue £shop table cloth.  The strips took hours to cut, press in half, stitch and repress open to make the bands of blue but it was worth it .  The polo neck was £3 in Primark so all in all, a thrifty costume.  The day itself was blanketed with snow but I stood at the gate without a coat (it would have spoilt the look!) and my little blue sandals and welcomed each child in.  I must admit that the best part was driving to work in full dress- the looks I got on the way was priceless as were the reactions of my work colleagues!

Now, Katie's costume was lots of fun.  I found an adult grey jumper for the chain mail which I lay her on top of, cut around her, pinned and stitched on the reverse The tunic was one of Hannah's old baby sheets cut, pinned and stitched on the reverse (this one took a while).  The cloak and matching emblem was an adults red t-shirt cut, gathered and edged with little crosses.  I used Velcro to attach and remove the cloak and the sword and shield cost about £3 from amazon.  I'm so pleased Katie chose St George as the school have a dress up day on St Georges Day.  Can you guess what she wore??


  1. Those costumes are AMAZING! You look fantastic and Katie is seriously cute as St George :-) xx

  2. Brilliant costumes - love them both so much that I can't decide which is better! May have to borrow your costume skills when it comes to dressing up Sam & Emily :-)