Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Granny Bunting at Attic24!

I LOVE attic24 blog page!  I have few blogs that I discovered without pilfering from my sister's finds and this one is completely up my street!  This lovely lady has my taste in colour and design and she is a generous sharer of designs and ideas which she in turn has borrowed from others!  I wanted to share her page with my sisters as a find of my own- this didn't work, of course sister J has her already!!  Sister L will love her too as she the Granny Square queen, I'll explain....
Lucy from Attic24 has designed a fab Granny- Triangle to use for bunting.  Aren't they beautiful? 
She has posted a free pattern and photo tutorial and has asked if anyone wants to make triangles for Yarndale which is a craft festival being held on the Yorkshire Dales on the 28th-29th September (I wish it were nearer).  She is making these into a huge bunting with a deadline of end of July (ish).  I am definately going to make some as a thankyou for some of the inspiration she has given me already- Who fancies chipping in? 
 By the way here are some of her ideas that got me crocheting again after a mini draught!
Her beautiful Granny's flower cushion was just what I was looking for as a cushion project!  I've worked up all the squares now- and used a cushion to check  rough sizing.  She has a stunning tutorial for a flower petal cushion too that I want to make.
Her cute little dk cotton circles were perfect for the hair clips I was making for my school fete!
  These are going to be in "The Lucky Clip Dip". Children can plunge a hand in to pull out two random clips!
Batch One is in dk cotton and batch Two is currently being made from my wool scrap bag.  I hate to use a cliche- but it's a serious great stash busting scrap buster!  Hannah, of course, chose pink girly ones...
Thank you Lucy- You are a rainbow of colour on this dreary day!


  1. Baby, I too have been loving Attic24's blog for many moons! Her joy in colour and wonderful creative designs are some of my favourites in crochet :-) xxxxxxx

  2. Thanks so much for popping over to SIBOL!
    Your comments are very much appreciated
    Love Suex

  3. Ahhh - a great blog like Attic24 can't be hidden...

    I love your beautiful colourful bunting triangles and your fantastic hair clips - so much bright colour, really makes me want to come over and steal your stash! Any chance you have a 'spare' flower cushion... think I must have one....