Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Oh Baby,Baby

If you are pregnant and in my family, look away now.

No, really.

You will have to check this out after Bump arrives.

Sorry about that but I'm dying to post what I've been up to for my baby boxes and I can't wait any longer! With three ladies expecting, I seem to be working hard but not ending up with much for each baby (Boy, I'm glad I started early this time.)

I started out with these two lovely chunkie Snuggle shawls. Blue for a Boy and Yellow for a who-knows-what! None for lovely lady number three as she has her own fair share of blankets. I've made this pattern before using Sirdar snuggly wool which makes a finer, soft little shawl. These are chunky but still soft and very warm- I can't wait to see them wrapping up those little pink babies...

Next on the list were baby Berry Hats. I've made a few of these as well for my girls and they have been so admired that I had to make them for the boxes. I loved using these beautiful cashmerino wools, the colours are so gorgeous!

I'm now working on the matching booties but I must post now as if I wait any longer, I will just keep on adding. Bye for now!

2 chunky blankets, 1 bib, 3 hats and 1 pair of booties

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