Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Potty about Pots- Part 2!

Oh what a saga these pots have been! They were supposed to be for my Dad's 60th birthday in July last year... A tad late I know.

I had booked into three separate day courses to make, trim and glaze the special gift (as my parents have been collecting stoneware for as long as I can remember). The first day went swimmingly with three beautiful pots made. The second day a month later was cancelled and the third day, a month after that, I had to pull out of. Thankfully, the lovely Jane from Sidcup Adults College rang to say she would happily find a spare work surface during one of her weekly courses and show me how to glaze the pots. So after holidays, illnesses and trying to find childcare...I got back into the studio today!

I spent a relaxing hour dipping my pots into the glaze (which is ground up glass) and cleaned off the bottoms and edges so that they wouldn't stick in the kiln. Jane will try to get them fired before next week but they may have to wait until the next set of JUNE.

So Dad, you may be getting your pot in time for your 61st but don't hold your breath!

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  1. Oooh - those are beautiful, I want to have a go too!