Thursday, 19 May 2011

Let's work on our sewing skills...

I've been working on my first bib recently which came out pretty well. I am not the most patient person, so patterns, cutting, pinning and prep work is still a chore that I have to force myself to take my time on. It always strikes me as ironic that sewing projects tend to be all prep work with a tiny fraction spent actually using my sewing machine!
But I did myself proud and got sore fingers from pinning the bias tape around the edge (can you buy extra fine pins for this?) I used contrasting green thread which was a mistake as you can see every little wobble. I finally cut the last thread and found out that, oops, the tape hadn't held on the neck edge.

Darn it, grr, argg.

I ended up having to carefully unpick the lot, which left nasty marks in the tape, which meant I had to unstitch each piece and rework with a tape that matched the thread. I tried again with the same stitch very carefully going closer to the edge but it did the same again!
See what I mean- nasty gap there. I finally reworked just the neck using the "V" stitch which disguised the mistake and looks pretty good. The coffee cup seems to suggest that this task took just long enough to finish my cuppa. No. It's a second cup much later after some hot-headed growling and shoving-back-into-box-never-to-look-upon-again time. I am pleased with it. I just hope that the next one will be much quicker. Now that I know what colours to use, I'll get started!


  1. I love it - such pretty fabrics. I tried to do a bib with bias binding once and failed horribly so I'm very impressed that you stuck with it and managed to get such a lovely result :-)

  2. The little sheep and the flower patterns go so well together!
    Join the club...we have all had altercations with bias tape at one time or another. That's the human-ness in it all. The bib is beautiful.
    Love your photo of before and after with the coffee cup. Great idea.