Friday, 14 January 2011

First time Crochet.

My newly crocheting sister is eager to learn how to make Granny squares but worries that they will be beyond her skills. Well, look what I've dug up. It's my first attempt at a Granny Square! I came across this the other day in my wool stash and had to post it! I remember reading through the crochet codes as if I was in the Matrix. It was such a headache to stumble through sc, dc, ch 1 and so on. I always find it helps to read through a whole row of instructions first and try to visualise what is happening to the piece.

Also, check out Snipsnaphappy's Blog where she has made "The Happy Hooker's Backwards Project" which is a blanket made from lots of little squares of only 3 rounds each- very quick and simple to make in spare minutes.

I think we will be doing some phone-crochet lessons soon!


  1. I really like it - surely this could be the beginning of crochet granny flowers...? I'm currently fighting the urge to buy a huge load of brightly coloured yarn in and work up the pretty 'Bloom blanket' from the latest issue of Inside crochet... all this talk of granny's isn't helping!

  2. Ooooh, lovely! Love the shape.
    Thanks for the mention :) That blanket you mention (the colour bar blanket I think) was loads of fun, would recommend it! Hubby has stolen it now as his "manklet" as it's about the only thing I've made without any pink!