Friday, 14 January 2011

Just like Mother makes...

I felt I had to include this little tradition started by my Mum. Making gift tags out of Christmas cards always seemed a bit too thrifty for me but, as I get older, there is something very satisfying about reusing these beautiful cards and saving a few bob too. I especially love reusing the handmade cards made by my sister for those extra special gifts.

Like Mum, I use gold thread but I decided not to use my pinking shears as I can't bear to blunt those expensive blades. I picked up a set of eight different edged scissors from Hobbycraft and they did an ok job. Not great at cutting a clean edge, but fun and labelled with patterns for easy use.

By the way, is "OK" a shortening of two words (acronym)? I have no idea!

1 comment:

  1. Snap! I also did this a few weeks ago - all cut up and ready to use as tags for next year.

    Ok is a shortening of okay isn't it?