Sunday, 16 January 2011

That's a lot of hats!

I loved making these Chunky hats by Alexa Riether. The pattern was a bit tricky at first to understand but once I had a few plays with it, it went beautifully. The first hat was made with Mega Chunky wool and came up slightly bigger around my head- which means it will fit my pal perfectly! It feels very comfy but the bulky wool does hide the pattern detail.

I had another go the next day using 2 strands of DK wool from my stash hoping to show off the pattern more clearly. The hat fits beautifully and only needed a few rows taken off to fit my little head. (I think I'll keep this one for myself...)


  1. I love this pattern! Loving the modelling poses too...perhaps a new career!? :))

  2. Finally, a hat with an attitude! Great!