Monday, 10 January 2011

Christmas Crafty Tree Project

Hooray! My 3 month old is starting to settle into a bit of a nap routine (touch wood). Hopefully this means having more than 15 minutes during the daytime to squeeze in lunch, coffee breaks and the current craft project

So I think its time to set myself a little challenge...
Every week I plan to make one Christmas tree ornament using felt, sewing machine, crochet and maybe a few new techniques along the way. The idea is, that by the time Christmas rolls around again, I will have a gorgeous selection of premade gifts (and hopefully some to add to my own collection). This also means that I can get on with larger projects inbetween without becoming too obsessed with making things for others.

These ideas will be coming from books, blogs, crafty websites and some of my own designs I hope. Just before Christmas I will take some pics of the whole stash together on my tree and try to remember that I cant keep them all.

If I start to get a few more followers I might even include a few freebies along the way!


  1. Oooh - I'm already very excited at the thought of all your felt and crocheted ornaments... especially if you are going to be making some from Oh la la felt (I am definitely booknapping it from you soon!) Be sure to remember who your very first follower was when it comes to giveaway time!

  2. Hello
    I've come across from Jessicas blog!
    how are you? My name is Sue 'Mrs Twins'
    Creator ha.ha. of SIBOL! You've probably heard about our Group.
    So nice to meet you and I was thinking it must be really hard to do your own crafting when there are little ones around. Just grabbing a bit of time here and there must be really difficult.
    Anyway, I'll try and pop back again,
    Best of luck!

  3. A book called "Fa La La La Felt"?! Fabulous!!
    Looking forward to seeing what you make!
    Sounds like our girls are similar ages - mine are 4 (5 at end of March) and 6 weeks :)

  4. Thank you Ladies! It's a fab book- I've never come across a craft book where I love every design and ideas. I'm planning to deal with some U.F.Os that are lurking in my craft boxes and then I will attack it with gusto!