Thursday, 26 June 2014

When Mummy takes requests!

So now I am building up a mini gallery of Pinterest related projects.  It's such a good way to find inspiration but also to find free patterns!  I came across these on a search for simple bands for Katie to wear on her first Communion and decided that they just had to be made straight away!  I've made crocheted hair bands before without much success as they do tend to slip off.  This clever trick of crocheting in a hair band really works to keep the tension.  I can also share the link for once! .

 The danger with whipping up one quick hairband means that I end up having to do the same for Hannah and cousin Myf who was over at the time!  Now I will just have to make one for Emily too.  The other danger with taking requests is that you can't completely control the colour choices (yes, it's neon pink again) and I end up with a frantic request for clips and crocheted food.  This is always the case when you crochet for others- the little ones start building up a list of wants!  Check out my recent post on how to make these lovely clips.


  1. These are just lovely, I really like them. And a good project to use up small amounts of left over yarn too. x

  2. Myf loves her hairband and I made one for one of my friend's daughters as well :-D
    I think these would make a great addition to a stall xx

    The girls look so gorgeous x