Sunday, 15 June 2014

Are you Pinterested?

Images from Pinterest

Do you Pinterest?
I am loving my little pin collection at the moment!  Let me share this mini snail tale with you...

It's birthday time for a little nephew who loves Turbo.  The toys in the shops look pretty weak so I start thinking, hmm, I have that simple snail finger puppet pattern from "Crocheted Finger Puppets" that I've used a few times.  I wonder if I could change the colours and make a simple Turbo....

So, on goes Pinterest, and a quick search later, I pin the above collection onto a board.  Now I'm thinking that I could really just make up my own Turbo using these visuals to guide me.  Now, this is pretty much all me.  The circles for the shell and the starting shape came from the book but everything else was just off the hook!  I am so chuffed as this just shows how far I have come as a crocheter.  I came, I saw and I most definitely conquered this awesome snail!

Admire his super spoiler.  Swoon over the jazzy light swirls.  Gasp at the speedy lines of his curvy shell.  We all love Turbo and have made lots of zoom- zoom noises as we race around the house.  He needs to burn a lot of energy before we wrap him ready for Sunday....

So, Pinterest, I love you and will upload my final picture to grace someone else's tiny board of inspiration.

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  1. He's fantastic .. I am so glad you are making such great things !!!