Wednesday, 11 June 2014

How to make easy-peasy felt bow clips.

Did you read my late post about the Christmas Bazaar?  Well, I was given some red and green felt and Christmas fabric to make into stockings which I promptly asked, "Just stockings...." and started to list off all the Christmas felt goodies I could make.  So, I got carried away making fully lined, patchwork stockings and then decided that a felt paper chain wouldn't take that long really.  After cutting out all the strips, I got a phone call from from one of the organisers saying- in a nutshell- "that's nice dear but we were only going to charge £1 or £2 each.  I took a deep breath, reigned myself in and sat down trying to figure out what I could do with all these strips.  And so the felt bow clip was born. 

You will need:
metal hair clips
needle and thread
glue gun or really strong adhesive 

What to do:

1) Take standard felt rectangle and cut into strips about 1 inch wide.
2) Cut off about 1 inch from the end and save piece (this will wrap around the bow).

3) Bring the ends together and slightly overlap.
4) Hold in place and make a stitch through the three layers at one corner.

5) Do a couple of running stitches to the other side.

6) Pull the thread to gather, pinching with your fingers to hold the folds in place.

7) Run a few stitches through the centre folds to how felt in place.

 It's looking good so far!
 8) Take your tiny felt rectangle and cut to the desired width.  (I find that if this is too wide, it can be tricky to glue into place).
 9) Make sure your glue gun is nice and hot!  Place a small blob over the messy stitch, press on the end of the band and hold firmly as you tightly wrap the band around the bow.
 10) Another blob of glue to hold down the end and press for a few seconds until set.
 11) Finally, add a generous blob to a shiny clip and hold the bow in place until the glue sets- this really only takes a few seconds.

As I was making these for a Bazaar, I did all the prep and stitching first and then glue gunned the whole darn lot.  These seriously didn't take long to whip up and they ALL went within minutes!


  1. Those are super cute Thea-great way to use those strips!

  2. These are great, and so easy to make too! What a good idea. x