Saturday, 27 July 2013

Clip-a-dee-doo-dah Clips!

Last month I did a little post about Attic24's beautiful blog and how I have been inspired by her colour and creativity.  Well, the other day, I managed to send off a few Granny triangles for her Yarndale bunting project
I forgot to take a pic but remembered to pop on pictures of my completed clips as they came from tiny bright circles I saw on her blog the other month.  These were a gift to my school fete and it was so lovely to see some of my girls wandering around wearing these!  I knocked up a few flowers as well and used just a bit of craft paper to hold them but I think they came out pretty good.  So, thank you Lucy for your inspirational blog and I will try to knock out a few more triangles before August! x
How to make the clips
You will need:
Any scraps of wool work great but DK cotton looked the best.
3.5 hook

  1. Ch 4 and ss into a ring.
  2. Ch 2 and do 8dc around the ring.  SS and fasten off.
  3. Attatch contrast colour, Ch 2 and do 2dc into each stitch- 16 stitches.  Fasten off.
  1. Ch 4 and ss into a ring.
  2. Ch 2 and do 9dc around the ring and ss into first stitch.
  3. Ch 5, skip one dc and ss into next dc.
  4. Repeat step 3 around the flower to make 5 petals and ss into the base for final one.
Before I go, I thought I better add on a few other clip related pictures!  Yes, I have a lot of catch- up posts to do. (I'm even writing posts and holding off posting- July is going to look good on the post count!)
I'm sorry these are a bit fuzzy, they were a quick snap that I forgot to check.  Iphones are great but tricky to get the light right and mine is such an old phone now.  I saw a few die cast roses that twisted up easily and thought I would have a go myself.  The rose worked very well, I thought.  I added an extra felt circle on the back of the clip to disguise the use of a glue gun which also helped the clip stay fast in baby hair as it was for my little niece.  I tried a quick "Hello Kitty" bow on request by my baby but it turned out a bit pants- that's what you get when you rush...
1- Cut a flower shape with decreasing size petals swirling into the centre.
2- Roll around tightly.
3- Pop a few stitches through the base and up through the centre to hold. 
4- Cut a matching small circle for the back of the clip.
5- Attach using a glue gun.
By the way, the gorgeous blue flower came from a free brooch idea from "Mollie Makes".  These are folded flowers stitched onto a circle base.  It's so pretty that I've used it for several brooches as well. 
Finally, I come to another little thrifty project- It really is getting a bit silly now.  Take one unravelled school hairband.  Wind on a favourite ribbon tightly and fix with a glue spot or superglue.  Stitch a quick embelishment from the odds and ends jar and have it ready just in time for a birthday party!  Big Madam was so pleased.  You do have to alternate between crafts for others and crafts for kids or else they get a bit grumpy for all the nice things leaving the house!



  1. Beautiful hair accessories - I especially love the hair band with added ladybird (the flower you made to go with it is brilliant). Really enjoying all these new posts :-)

  2. What a lovely idea. I'd love to make some crocheted clips for my girl, she'd adore them. Thanks for the tutorial! x

  3. Thanks! It's lovely to think someone might have go using my post!