Thursday, 25 July 2013

Old jeans into skirt!

I'm so into the thrifty thing at the moment!  In fact, I can see how it gets to be a bit of an obsession...  My Katie has always been an angel in hand me downs and gets the fact that each penny saved can be used for days out and holidays!  So this skirt really sums up the whole, "That's still got plenty of wear in it!" philosophy.  Let me explain... 
Like most Mummies, I've got into a pattern where, once a week, I pop into my local charity shop to either drop off donations or pick up some bargains ( I very rarely leave without something!).  It's not toot either.  I grab books that I have on my Kindle wish list for 50p, classic books for my classroom, fab dresses for me and board games and bits for the girls as a weekly treat.  I much prefer getting a beaten up board game for a pound than spending £3 or £4 on a flimsy magazine and plastic toy.
So, during winter I managed to pick up a 50p pair of jeans for Katie to rough around the park in and, when the knees finally gave in, I jsut couldn't give up on them!  A quick look on Ehow gave a simple explanation which I, of course, ignored most of for a quick fix:
  1. Cut off legs
  2. Cut triangle from legs to fill leg space (I made a quick cardboard template and left 1/2cm edge for hemming).
  3. Zig zag edges to prevent fraying.
  4. Pin panels in place and stitch using simple straight stitch.
  5. Press with an iron (this will help when doing the hem).
  6. Cut hem if needed to even out.
  7. Zig zag edges to prevent fraying.
  8. Turn up to length, press and straight stitch the hem.
Now, I know I should have double turned the hem but I was going out and Katie wanted to wear it.  I have learnt now that turning up a hem needs to be done whilst the person is wearing it!  I tried to make it straight on the table and, of course, forgot about bottoms and hips and all those curves which alter the final line.  So, it's a bit crooked but much loved.  I wasn't even allowed to add a bit of embellishment as, "It's fine like that Mummy."  Such a Madam!

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  1. I must give this a try for Myf soon-she hardly has any skirts and she'd love this way of rejuvenating an old pair of jeans!