Thursday, 10 February 2011

Potty about pots!

I went back to school today! (Well, Adult college really for a beginners day of pottery.)

I've been wanting to have a go at using a potters wheel ever since I saw Margot from "The Good Life" donning a pristine pair of Marigolds and give up within minutes. I loved watching her poor henpecked husband look in horror at the immaculate, brand-spanking new studio which would never get used again and thought, I could do that!

What a great day I've had. I had clay up to the elbows, splatters on my nose and through my hair and some seriously messy clothes but it was SO worth it.

Six of us novices couldnt wait for the gradual breakdown of techniques that our teacher wanted to take us through. We all threw ourselves into it and had a great time putting mangled lumps into the reuse pile as pots collapsed, fell off or turned into strange mushroom shapes- We were reluctant to break for lunch we were having such fun!

Well, I made three dear little pots that I am quite happy with. And, thanks to some kind family promises for childcare, get to go back for two more days. One for intermediate skills and one to learn glazing and finishing. I hope I end up with at least one special pot as I have a very late birthday present that must be honoured.


  1. Wow Thea - those look fantastic! Seems like you turned out to be a natural - are the pots you made going to be fired for you?

  2. Yes! Because I'm going back in 2 weeks, the teacher is going to put them aside and teach me trimming and finishing ready for glazing on the final day. I can't wait for more wheel time, though, to improve and make more pots!

  3. Hi
    Do you have a photo of the finished glazed pot? I agree with Jess - you're a natural!