Saturday, 26 February 2011

Just a few little bits and pieces...

I've not been posting as much this month- Sorry! I'm not losing interest, honest. It's just that we've all been having the worst month with either 1,2,3 or 4 of us ill at the same time. The washing machine has been on permanently and we have all been a bit sorry for ourselves. I haven't picked up my craft basket until today as, finally, all of us seem to be on the mend- Yippee.

My poor Christmas project had to sit on the back burners which I've been feeling guilty about, I must say. With back-to-work days and the lure of other projects, I have made the decision to downsize the project to a "once a month" piece. Thinking about it, I may have struggled to find homes for 52 Christmas decorations so it's probably the right decision.

Let me make it up by sharing a few bits and bobs I've been meaning to post for you now...

1- Ever since I found out that some of my nearest and dearest were expecting, I've been planning and starting my baby box. I wanted to make a pre-baby gift as a one-off for one yummy mummy. This teeny badge popped into my head as I couldn't stop singing the "Baby on Board" song sung by the Barbers shop quartet in the Simpsons. It ended up just over an inch wide and the wide safety pin in the back means it will pin onto bags, over straps and on tops easily.

2- Have you come across this online magazine! It's beautiful I must say. It's full of inspirational ideas, interviews with Bloggers and new craft enterprises and lots of advice on starting out in business. There are also some lovely free projects in a variety of techniques such as sugar craft, sewing, paper flowers (and I've only read 2 past issues!) The photography is elegant and fresh and new issues are sent to your email. There are ongoing new feeds on the website and items for sale. I keep dipping into it when I have time to sit back with a cup of coffee and perhaps a slice of cake- wonderful!

3. I started making these Baby blankets during the half term break 6 weeks ago using an Erika Knight pattern from "Essential Crochet". I used it for my own little girl using Sirdar Snuggly and it made a beautiful, fine blanket. This time I used chunky wool. This wool was King Cole washable chunky wool which is lovely and soft and has made two thick and warm blankets. Blue for a boy and Yellow for a "don't know"!

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