Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Katie's Tea Party!

I had to stop myself making food for now as I was falling behind on my blogging and other jobs. Don't they look delicious?? Katie has been playing with these non-stop and even sleeps with them in a felt bag by her bed at night!

I had great fun making my little teabag and using the cookie pattern to make my own Jammy Dodger. Now, of course, I have a list as long as my arm of requests for particular favourites. Funnily enough, fruit doesn't get a mention.

So far, she would like...cupcakes, pancakes, ice-lollies, sweets, Oreos and sandwiches! I have promised to make new ones each week when possible.

PS- My favourite red apple wedge is not in the picture. It was in the bag when I brought it down for photo-time... I think someone may have smuggled it into school in her little pocket!


  1. Beautiful work Thea, makes me hungry just looking at it! I recognise that table mat...

  2. That blanket just keepps getting re-invented in our games! So far it's been a fairy garden, baby cot blanket, window flap on blanket camps and now a picnic blanket- what next, I wonder...