Saturday, 31 May 2014

Mummycat Mandala Madness

Are you coming to Yarndale?  Please come along!  It would be so nice this year to know more of the faces and share a cuppa or two chatting about wonderful woolly work! Yes, I am over excited again but I sometimes feel like I live in on a tiny crafty island away from the general population.  So it's kind of like finding my own tribe- The Woolites-and knowing all the ceremonial dances....
Ahem, a bit strange even for me.  Let me get on to the Mandalas.
Lucy at Attic24 has requested Mandalas for a vibrant display after the success of the crochet bunting.  Now, I didn't believe Lucy when she said that these circles were addictive but, of course, she was right.  The changes in stitches and colours means that you never seem to want to stop.  Once I made (and loved) one mandala, I was torn between keeping it or sending on to Lucy as planned.  This prompted the second (now I couldn't choose between them) and a third.  So that's one for Lucy, one for me and one for....Hmm, I haven't made anything for my sisters in a while, on to Mandala number four.
So, now I have the final dilemma.  Which one for which person?  Ok sisters, it's time to put in your requests.  I hope you don't both want the same one and NO saying that any would be lovely, thank you VERY much. X





PS The photo above is one of my favourite ones showing big brother on the left, Liz with purple bear next, Jess with the fab fringe and me at the end (why am I wearing a polo neck?).  It's the first family shot where we all pretty much look the same now.  Ok there may be a few differences but that's mainly big brother's hair style...


  1. I think I look a LITTLE different now ;-)

    I love them all, any one for me!!!

    (Just kidding, I DO love them all but I think I like number 3 best)

  2. Oooh - so much loveliness... I'm putting my vote in for number 1 :-)

  3. That was a surprise! These lovely bits will join your birthday bundles and be sent out to you soon xx