Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Why Yarndale was the best day ever.

Oh Yarndale, How do I love thee? Let me count the ways...
  1. Crocheting all the way from Kent to Manchester.
  2. First time going away on my own since my first little one came along (almost 8 years ago).
  3. Staying with my sister and the family.
  4. Having a steady stream of cups of tea- it always tastes better from a sister.
5. Making crochet bunting months ahead to send over to the lovely Lucy.
6. Reading all the Attic24 blog posts in anticipation.
7. Not taking any work away with me....okay now I'm just boring myself. 
 Let me just say that I am not a strange, middle aged lady who gets excited about wool.  I am one of many!  I was far too excited, bounced up and down all the way there and caused much annoyance as I screamed at first sight of the bunting.  I just didn't care.  I embarrassed myself as often as possible and indulged every woolly whim.  I did not rush around stalls, I did touch everything, go back to first stalls, chat to everyone and yes, even insisted on a photo with Lucy (poor woman).  I didn't even notice the lovely Heather from tiny tin bird until later as her blog page has only a partial face shot! 

We sat from the opening hours until well after lunch engrossed in learning how to knit tarantula style with six pointy needles.  I loved it so much that I wouldn't leave the table until absolutely desperate for the ladies and when my back started to seize. 

We loved it so much that on returning late that evening, Sis and I continued to knit with a large glass of wine until after 11pm.  I came home feeling at one with woolly urges and realised that I had only bought a Yarndale tote bag for myself.  This was shocking as I had come away ready to spend, spend, spend.  I think that, when every yearning was met, there was no need to even try and buy.  It was the best rest and reconnect with my lovely sister.  So, I don't care that this is 9 months ago.  Look at this and be inspired to come along to Yarndale 2014!  I can't wait and look forward to sharing all the Mandala Madness that's being going on ready for my new Yarndale contribution.


  1. Thea, your photos are amazing-made me feel as though I was there with you xxxx

  2. Loved reading this too - feel exactly the same about the weekend, loved every minute and can't wait to go back x