Sunday, 20 April 2014

Birthday Bunny continued

I've been away so long!  It's been embarassing really but I have an excuse, honest... My computer just would not log on and so, whilst I could peek at my own favourite blogs, I couldn't get my own bits and bobs online.
This caused its own problems as I started to stop taking pictures of projects and not quite getting new ones on the go.  But work has produced so many white hairs this term that I have made myself take a break this holiday and craft.  I have really loved doing a few long awaited crafty bits and am determined to make amends for my poor blogging updates.
So, with hubby watching the racing, I am uploading this little gift from my nieces birthday gifts given on my Yarndale visit.  That's how long it has been (bad, bad, bad girl).  By the way- YARNDALE 2014- so excited by that!
This little gift was to go with last years birthday bunny (see earlier post for the free pattern) Along with a paint yourself jewelry box and some clips inspired by Attic 24 circles went the mini crochet cake and bunny party dress.  I didn't write a pattern for the cake as it was just a bit of fun that turned out rather nicely.  It was inspired by an image that I found on Pinterest however.
The dress did get written down so I hope someone uses this one:

You will need: Size 3 hook and wool scraps 
                        Darning needle
                        small ribbon rose
ss=Slip stitch
sc= single crochet
sc in= single crochet increase.
tr= triple

  1. Ch 23 and ss into loop.
  2. Sc all around and join with a ss.
  3. Ch 1 and sc all around three times (as a spiral)- 23 stitches.
  4. Sc in, 11sc, sc in, ss.
  5. Ch 1, sc all around and ss- 25 stitches.
  6. Ch 3 (counts as first tr), Tr all around and ss into first.
  7. (Ch 2, miss 1 stitch, sc in next) to make scallop edge. Repeat all around.
  8. SS into first ch2 space.  Ch 3 and 2 tr into first space.
  9. Ch 2 to next space- putting 3tr into each chain space.  SS final ch2 into first stitch.
  10. Ch 1 and sc all around 9putting sc into the ch2 spaces) ss into first stitch.
  11. Repeat sc all around.
  12. Ch 3 and tr all around.  Ss into first stitch.
  13. Final scallop edge!  Ch 3, miss a stitch and sc into the next stitch all the way around.
  1. Press the dress flat so that the increases sit at each side.
  2. Attach the wool for the 1st strap, ch 1, 2sc across into the top of the bodice.
  3. Turn, ch 1, 2sc across.
  4. Repeat to the desired length (approx 11 rows) and fasten off leaving a long tail.
  5. Use the tail to stitch onto the back of the dress and repeat for the second strap.
 Add any extra trim to pretty it up further!

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  1. Bunny loves her new dress. Emily often gets complimented on her beautiful hair slides and the cake is played with all the time :-)