Sunday, 24 November 2013

Puppy Love.

Puppy Love
Has it really been over two months??  I have a lot to catch up on and share as craft has wheedled more of my spare time this year.  I love it!  After having to pull back when HB was a baby, I am starting to have the freedom to indulge in my hobbies during the DAYTIME!  Seriously- I love this not having to steal half hours in the evening to unwind.  Especially as the evenings are filled with marking and preparing for Class in the morning.  Any other Mummies out there will know of the serious lack of free moments when your children are tiny.  Even when playing, they still seem to need constant chatter and company! 
So, I had better start catch up.  The first one to grace my blog will be this lovely little collar and dog bed made to accompany a cute puppy.  My little nephew received this for his second birthday and, as usual, the adults politely smiled appreciation until my nephew proceeded to drag puppy around everywhere, putting him to bed and generally having a lovely play.  I would love to sound smug but in all honesty, he probably put it back down the second I left not to touch it again for months!  But it was a good response, especially from both my girls who tried to hide it before wrapping…
You will need:
  • Hook size 3
  • Key ring
  • Clip (I bought for one pound at Post office as part of a keychain)
  • DK Cotton in main colour and contrast colour
SC= single crochet
SS= slip stitch
Collar Instructions
I love using DK cotton.  It works especially well for this to give you denser fabric (acrylic was just too stretchy)
  1. In main colour Ch 3, SC into 2nd chain from hook and SC to the end  (2SC).
  2. Ch 1, 2SC across.
  3. Repeat step 2 to desired length.
  4. Fasten off leaving a long tail for sewing on.
  5. Choose contrast colour and put two SC in each row space for a Granny Square effect. Continue this along both long edges (not corners).
  6. Stitch in ends and use long tail to whipstitch collar ends together.
Lead Instructions
  1. Repeat collar instructions for the lead.  Leave enough in length to fold over for the handle and a small fold over to whipstitch your clip on!
So, a simple pattern but very sweet.  I designed a Puppy bed as well that I will add as soon as I can find the pattern.  

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  1. Good to hear you have lots to share - can't wait to find out all that you've been up to. Love the new pattern - thanks so much for sharing it :-)