Monday, 21 April 2014

The Granny of a cushion!

Attic 24 inspiration
What a lovely cushion!  A while ago I came across more Attic 24 inspiration and decided that it was time to add a bit more colour to my house.  After making cushions for my classroom and past class, I decided that I wanted a super colourful splash on my own sofa, darn it.  Isn't Lucy's cushion so full of spring sunshine?

So, last summer I bought loads of lovely Rowan Cotton DK in my favourite colours.  I used some to create a class bunting (which looks beautiful up by the way) and started creating simple granny squares of my own.

After making a variety of colour combinations, I started to stitch the squares together but it just didn't look right.  So, I had a go adding a pale green border like Lucy used, but my more primary colour choices didn't play well together.
I have always loved the old-fashioned black borders in the shawl worn in "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" and also in the blanket in Amy's apartment in "Big Bang Theory" (yes, I too look out for crochet items on tv shows) and tried this.  LOVED IT!
 And then came the long wait.....
After a term of non-stop work, I finally took time this Easter to finish the cushion.  Some adding of borders and Lucy's clever joining technique for granny squares meant that my lovely cushy cushion is all done!
Ta! Da! Thanks Lucy for the inspiration...


  1. So beautiful Thea - love it too!

  2. I confirm that the cushion is even more lovely in real life and very snuggly :-) xxx Beautiful work darling!