Saturday, 29 December 2012

Delightful Door stops!

I have a new toy!  My hubby bought me a Kindle fire for Christmas after I thought I made it clear that I didn't really have a need or desire for one ( He was right and I love it!)  I've finally worked out how to add a photo- I think - and am slowly trying to post by these pictures of my door stops.
Don't you just love them?  I'm pretty proud of these thrifty little gems.  I've been saving the curtain off cuts to make matching door stops for upstairs and down.  The idea came from the soft baby felt pyramid I made last year (see previous post) but the time came from the hand embroidery which makes them look so delicate.  These were weighted with dried marrow far peas ( definitely the cheapest)
I must admit that I was a bit precious about them at first, worrying that they would get marked/ripped/freyed etc but that changed after a day of giggling girls hiding and running off with them at every spare moment!  Talk about loving anything new...They were even wrapping them up as babies!
Now,with the help of some gorgeous Christmas gifts, my home is finally coming to life.

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