Sunday, 30 December 2012

Christmas Feltie- Trees (in bulk)

Here's to Christmas and making decorations in bulk!  I really must get a wriggle on and create my own Felties designs as I always enjoy working in multiples.  My inspirational sisters encourage me to start my own little business.  And now that I have found a specific taste and a bit of a personal style, I think that 2013 Is the year to get the business ball rolling! So watch this space!
These darlings come from that lovely Fa La La favourite- Definately an all round classic!


  1. The beautiful decorations you and Jess have made take pride of place on our tree :-)
    I think that's a cracking idea! There will definitely be loads of people who'd love to have decorations made by you xxxx

  2. Hooray for Fa la la felt! Love you colourful trees. Can't wait to see what you get making for your new buisness, sounds very exciting!