Sunday, 16 September 2012

Back to work!

It's September and back to work!  It's been an exciting and hectic month as I am back to teaching my own class.  After a year of covering other teachers, running up and down corridors and teaching every year group, I am now settled in my own room own cupboard (such a relief!). 
All my time at the moment is trying to keep up with the planning and marking whilst dealing with the hundreds of class set up details.  Seriously, every day is filled with stolen school minutes.  But no, I'm rebelling today with a sneaky breakfast cuppa and some catch up time.  I have a few posts to share with you which should fill up the gaps until I can pick up my crafty projects again.  I'm even going to squeeze in a couple at work!  I've recovered the window seat and WILL definitely do some granny square cushion covers.  Window painting next week though, I think...
Oh, almost forgot.  Here is the final piece of food for the final birthday lunch box.  "Tasty crochet"s best one I think- even Hubby loved it.  The card was a last minute quick fix for my friend's little girl.  I love how, when you have run out of card toppers, you can always find a crochet flower somewhere!  I think I need my sister's pink glue gun for these next time. x

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  1. Hmmm - maybe a pink glue gun should be added to your Christmas list...

    Love the pizza - looks fab :-)