Saturday, 18 August 2012

How to do a square knot (with bells on!)

I may have got a bit carried away with the bells.  It's just that it is such an easy pattern (from "Handmade Living" magazine July edition) that once I started, I kept thinking of more and more people who would love one.  It also used up a bag of tiny bells that I bought last year to make jingly baby balls.  The pattern is my idea of heaven.  Quick, simple, cheap and very effective. 
The bracelet uses simple square knots and  threading bells on at regular intervals.  This was a new technique for me and I found the square knot tricky at first.  The first two photos show how I did it.  The thread for bells was always the same strand so I found keeping the needle threaded helped me see which part of the knot I was on. 
1-You start with four threads and separate the first and last thread out for knotting. 
2-Left thread over middle two to make a loop. 
3-Back thread comes over the first thread, tucked behind the central threads and through the loop on the left. 
4-Pull these threads slowly and evenly to make half of the knot.  The needle is now on the right.
5- Repeat the process so that the needle ends up back on the left to make a square knot!
Hope this helps x


  1. Very pretty - I adore mine!

  2. Myf and I love ours-particularly as the cat goes mental trying to figure out why we're jingling!