Monday, 14 January 2013

Happy Hats ( in time for the snow!)

It' s snowing!  Ok, well, maybe not right now.  But it was when we left the house this morning!  It was that perfect, slow, feathery flakes like the ones that "stay on your nose and eyelashes" which makes us all sigh and long to play outside.
So, I am happy that for once I have made a hat just when I need it.  A funny project as this was supposed to be a relaxing treat for myself ( I never get round to making things for myself).  My hat was a loving mix of wool that I had used for my berry baby hats and booties . Debbie Bliss cashmarino which is super soft and such a treat to use.  I found a pattern from one of my earliest crochet books and tried to match the look of my mother' s day flower brooch .  It was a simple pattern worked on a chained base, slipstitched into a ring with reducing rows of triple crochet.  This was great for a simple project and made it very easy to tweak for a perfect fit.  This proved to be very handy as I ended up making four in five days!
My tiny little treasure decided- quite forcibly- that I was to make her one next and her colour choice could not be changed....I did manage to tone down the lurid pink much to her disgruntled opinion but she has forgiven me now!
Just when the pattern book was going away, tiny miss trouble insisted that big sister needed one too!  This was accompanied by much begging and hugging by both girls as I tried to get out of a third hat- she had just got one for Christmas so I wasn't really being mean....  We decided to make a cool school version as a compromise after her last school hat was "lost" at school one week.  As that was a handmade hat, I am still surprised that it hasn't turned up.  This one is going to be hard to mistake as anyone's but Katie' s!  You may have noticed that Katie is also holding one.  Silly me tried to rush the last one and made it too small ( but next doors little girl who goes to the same school loved it!)
So, four great hats in five days.  On their own, they look fab. All together, we look a (strange but sweet)

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  1. Oh my Goodness look at those beautiful girls! They look absolutely darling in those hats babe :-) If I phone you up and bug you constantly, can I have one too? They're so cute!