Sunday, 26 February 2012

And then two came along at once....

My last post was about my first swap and yes, I wait and wait and then two came along at once! I happened across a swap and was actually in time to join in- what are the odds eh! This one came with a list of likes and dislikes to lead my gift choices. This got me stuck for a while as I wanted to stay away from the obvious as my swappee loves chocolate, fudge and lavender. I ended up just giving the gifts a bit of a twist and made...

1- Chocolate, pistachio and almond fudge (I hope it makes it there ok)
2-Lavender heart keyring- so she can keep lavender with her all day
3- Everlasting flowers- until the Spring brings out the bulbs!

The fudge was so easy and yummy- It's from Nigella's Express book and can be kept in the fridge but is best in the freezer where you can sneak chunks straight from the drawer and into your mouth. YUM
The flowers were made from floristry ribbon using the kit I purchased from the Glow event in Bluewater last month. I'm hoping to make up some more bunches for Mothers day.
The heart keyring was a wrench to give away as I absolutely loved it. I had so much fun using some of the embroidery skills I've picked up this year to make an old fashioned floral design. I made a mini bag and stuffed as much lavender as I could inside and blanket stitched beads around the edge.

I do hope you love it.

Thanks for organising this snipsnaphappy!

A pause before publishing this post.....My own parcel arrived on Monday!

I've only just started making things for me to keep as there is always a birthday or celebration to cater for so I LOVED getting these thoughtful gifts. Mine came from lily@makingitvintage and they are all corkers. The peg bag is swinging on the line- one of my many on my to do list- and my fabric, calender and paper will all be stashed for the right project. But my favourite and best are these fingerless gloves! I joined Slimmingworld last year and have managed to lose 4 stone which is wonderful but leaves me with very cold hands and feet! Who knew that those skinny girls with multiple vests and tops weren't being fashionable but were just really, really cold? So, yes, I love them! They go on in the morning so I have nice warm hands when it comes to changing my baby's nappy (don't worry, I take the gloves off for that) and they stay on for morning lessons until I am truly warmed up. I only got them 4 days ago and they are hardly off and the classes I teach think they are fab too. So a huge thank you Lily and I hope your own gift will be as much loved as mine x


  1. Hi Thea, so happy you like your swap gifts and glad the mittens fit the little lavender keyring you made and the fudge sounds delicious.

    Would you mind if I borrow the photo of the gifts I sent you as like the idiot I am, I forgot to take photo's of the mittens before sending them off to you.

    Hope we get plenty of good drying days so you can make good use of your pegbag.

    lily x

    1. Sure thing! I've been lazy recently so sorry for late reply. Peg bag has been up and running every sunny day at the mo! x

  2. Thea, thank you SO much for my beautiful gifts! You are one very clever lady! That heart keyring is so gorgeous and I promise to look after it and show it off at every available opportunity :D

    Your parcel of goodies looks wonderful, those gloves!!


    PS - 4 stone!! Wow! Well done, I know how hard it is to shift some weight (21lbs last year for me!) so I am applauding!

  3. They look beautiful :-) especially that little keyring!
    Just to let you know I was playing with my blog and I've changed the address to:
    Love you!xx