Saturday, 1 October 2011

Welcome to a special little lady!

The final baby box is on its way out!

There just wasn't enough time to make all the gifts I wanted to shower on this little darling but I put together a special box with some old, new, borrowed ( a returned book) and even something blue! There's even a cookie for big brother from the wonderful John Lewis.

I love the fabric for this bib and this was the least painful of the 3 that I made. (Left-overs made the phone cover that's in shot). I so wanted to make a big blanket to wrap baby up in but was hinted not to so I snuck in a mini blanket "The Mini Snuggly" which is the same pattern but with soft Sirdar Snuggly wool and a much smaller hook-kind of a comfort blanket that can be replaced if lost!

All other pieces have been dotted around in posts through the year....check them out! It was only when I was unpacking the last box from under the bed that I realised how many bits I've been hoarding. Spreading the cost by over planning definitely works for me. I really must attack the Christmas box now and see what I've got!

Wow. I've been making baby gifts for so long now that Christmas seems just around the corner and I have a list of jobs that keeps getting longer but not really started. Thank the Lord that I started earlier this year with my Christmas Tree project. Even though I ended up dropping my decoration each week idea early due to all the babies, it may well prove my life saver this coming festive season. So, watch out for more Christmas posts on their way.

PS- My typing glitch seems to have resolved itself. Weird?


  1. Hooray for the last baby box - so many lovely things, thank you so much! Must get more organised and take some photos of Emily wearing your adorable berry hat & booties soon :-)

    I'm so jealous of all the crafting you're getting done at the moment!

  2. So many gorgeous items! The variety of beautiful baby bits here is really inspiring :-)