Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Baby Box number 2 (and other cute stuff)

Another beautiful baby has joined our family and it's a boy!! I must admit that I thought it would be another little girl but that's ok- I'll forgive him as he is so sweet. I hope he likes his goodie bag. Now I can keep working on the last baby due for a while (I hope). I'm trying to save those items for another "don't look at this post" so my final pregnant lady can keep up with my other blog posts whilst still having some surprises in her bag...

These next projects are a catchup from a blog post that seems to have gone missing. It's this darn laptop! The keys have recently developed a glitch, missing every other letter. This makes blogging a real pain in the neck as I have to seriously correct and retype every word (typing each word slowly also does nothing for the flow.)

I've also had issues with my iphone and some of my photos are lost : (. My lovely lunch basket that I made during the summer holiday for a little girls birthday has gone. Such a shame as I was sooo impressed that I managed to whip it all up in a week. There was a yummy cooked breakfast with bacon, sausages, mushrooms eggs and toast, loads of fruit and veg, chicken drumstick, some cookies and cakes and even a cheeky red toadstool ( how very dare I!) Here are the pictures I've managed to find:

These all came from my "Tasty Crochet" book again. It's a great book and makes up some beautiful food with little effort. Great for last minute birthday presents and stocking up my daughters tea party set.

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  1. Pah - makes me wish I was having a baby so you could be making me some bits.... oh wait a minute, I am! Can't wait to find out what you've been up to - till then I should really try and get your daugher's present finished, hope it makes it to you in time!