Thursday, 23 June 2011

Potty about Pots- The grand finale!

Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh yeeeeeeesssss!

I'm so excited because, after MONTHS of waiting, my pots are finished!

It's typical that they day I can pick them up is the day that I'm rushing around getting ready for a mini caravan break. But I managed to squeeze in an hour to rush down to Sidcup, pick up and rush back.

Now, they are a bit wobbly but they are mine and I am so proud. Finally Dad will get his (very late) birthday present with 3 weeks before his next birthday! Never mind, it's the thought that counts.

Who's a clever bunny,eh?!


  1. Oh!! These are just fabulous!
    Out of interest did you do the course at Sidcup Adult Education? I've been thinking about doing it. I'm not sure how it has escaped my attention until now but did you know we are neighbours?? I grew up in Erith :) In Dartford now...the nice part :D That means we are on competing charity shop turf!
    Ali xx

  2. I worked it out a while ago when you said about "Yarnia" opening so I have been posting subtle hints that I was nearby until you got to know me a little (just in case I came across a bit nutty which can be a risk online!). I live near Northumberland Heath and used to live in Belvedere so we are Crochet neighbours...exciting eh!