Monday, 4 April 2011

Waste not, Want not!

I made 2 little baby cardi's when I was pregnant in the summer which ended up as gifts to others as my little cutie was too big to fit into newborn sizes! This was my first attempt at the pattern after a 6 month break from crocheting.

I used the English Double crochet stitch instead of realising that, as it was an American pattern, the stitches needed to be changed! It ended up too long, too airy and not wide enough to do up. It almost got unraveled but instead I tucked it away.

I pulled it out the other day and realised that size-wise it would fit my little girl now and only needed a few changes to make a light Spring cardi.

I used my leftover Sirdar Snuggly to lengthen the sleeves and add enough width for the cardi to do up.

The buttons were on sale at John Lewis and are so sparkly and sweet.

The tiny flowers are just:

1-Chain 4 and SS into a ring

2-x6 SC into ring and join with SS

3-Chain 3 and SS into next stitch 6 times

4-Fasten off

When my little angel wakes up, we'll try it on!

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